Let the calming winter breeze build a home around your heart

Let your skin feel frightened before forgiving and accepting and alive again
Let in the gleeful messages floating in the wind
Let out the same old tired energy that has been holding you back
Hear the streets booming with life and love and dances in the rain
Hear engines and walking feet rustle with excitement of where to
next–because this life is an adventure
Hear him/her on the corner saying *You should take a chance with me. *and…
finally you will
Find yourself ready and able and willing and new; just outside the other
side of your walls
Find yourself writing words of a romance that lasts and never leaves you
Leave your window open
Let good things come waltzing in
Leave your window open
There’s nothing now to hide from
There never really was

a Poem by Inny Taylor
image Sara by Felipe Cuertas


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